Supported by the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities and the Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities, the TORCH Enlightenment Correspondences Network began in 2014 to provide a much-needed interdisciplinary forum for the many scholars across Oxford working on Enlightenment correspondences to discuss their research; explore methodologies for reading and publishing letters from the long eighteenth century, including digitised correspondence; and draw on Oxford’s many resources for such studies. We organised a major conference on Enlightenment Correspondences in June 2015. In addition to hosting a few guest speakers a term, we invite Oxford scholars to present a few letters of current interest to their research, focusing on this year’s theme of ‘reciprocity’. This blog aims to provide a forum for scholars in Oxford and beyond to discuss eighteenth-century letters: we will post information about upcoming Network events, other events and notices of interest, and summaries of the papers presented at our events. We very much hope that our posts will attract interest and discussion: please do get in touch at enlightenmentcorr@gmail.com to join in the exchange!




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